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Miguel Valdes

Site Reliability Engineer, Gamer & Neovim Fanboy.

Welcome to my Personal Site.
In here I will attempt to write about things I’m either working on or things I’m trying to learn to improve my skills, most of the times it’s just me trying out things that I find interesting or cool to demo.


A little bit about me… my name is Miguel, was born in Mexico and I’m an Electronic Engineer by trade that found a burning passion for software. Been in love with computers ever since my parents got a PC back when Jill of the Jungle was released, so yeah I was put on a path very early in my life. Can’t complain tho, really love what I do for a living and the world of IT overall.  
I’m an video game fan, most of the games I enjoy are FPS, Hack & Slash and of course MOBAs. My favorite games are Diablo II and DoTA.


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