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Blog 3.0

Hello 2023!

Alright so this is going to be the same thing I do every year, where I try to commit to doing more blog posts and expanding my knowledge while sharing it with whoever may end up reading this. But this time I even went ahead and took like a week to actually rewrite it all from scratch using Astro, you should check it out by the way, Which is a pretty trendy tool/design that allows you to build things for the web. So this helps cover that FOMO and also gave me an excuse to simplify the process, as the old blog had a bit of a mess with a complex Makefile that would break the commits and the configuration for the engine that rendered everything into HTML was sort of complex. With Astro everything is pure JSX along with MarkdownX, so it's far simpler in my opinion.

The extra one thing I want to mention about Astro before I move on is that the deployment process is fully automated via GitHub Actions, which is pretty damn great!

Either way, this upcoming year I do intend to write a bit more and share it here. The design of the site may also change from time to time since I've got more control over it and the entire template is something custom-made, that's also the reason of why it may look ugly or may not work well with mobile devices, but I'm gonna work on it, pinky promise.

Last but not least I do have a range of topics and things I want to explore and write about some of them being:

  • Homelabs
  • Automation with Chef or Ansible
  • Actually use Kubernetes at home more
  • Learning new languages while building things with them, looking at you Typescript and Golang
  • Compare and talk about some of the observability tools that everyone is using
  • Neovim which is what I've been using for everything for the past 6 months now

That is it for now, thanks again for reading. Adios!