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Blog 2.0

./Launch --v=2.0

Sometime last year I was dead set on starting to blog but then life hit me hard in a positive way. My baby girl was born, got a new project in a different city so I had to move across the country...that was an adventure on it's own. So between setting my life up again, getting to know people and learning all sorts of new things for my role I completely forgot about the blog not to mention that now that I'm a dad I love spending my free time with my baby girl.

Still the blog was still in the back of my mind so for this 2019 instead of making it part of my 'New Year Resolution' which to be honest I never fullfil, decided to just YOLO do it. But this time it was going to be more "me" if it makes sense and since I now know more on how Python/HTML/CSS/JS work I came up with a new theme and everything customized to what I wanted (some things are still pending like mobile navigation but I'll get to it, promise!).

There are a number of blog posts I will share with everyone and some of them include some of the new tools that I'm using at work so it should be fun.