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The Steam Deck is awesome

Thanks to my dumb luck and a recent trip up to Seattle (The best state to live in according to people I know), I ended up with $300 worth of Steam Credit and amazingly enough is when the Steam Deck OLED decided to drop so by me injecting couple hundred dollars more I ended up with a shiny new Steam Deck OLED 256 GB.

Originally the plan was to receive the device, post it on a marketplace and recover my investment of those $300 I couldn't take out of the Steam Market....but dumb me got the device and decided to open it to make sure the screen and everything was intact cause you never know with packages these days, was a bit more worried cause the outside box looked a bit banged up.

Well the device was perfectly fine, protected by its case, and it had that new plastic smell so that tempted me to see how good the device was. The last handheld device I played was a Nintendo Game Boy... yeah I'm that old. Steam loaded up quickly and the Deck felt so smooth, the screen was super bright so figured I'd give it a test with a quick and lightweight game that I've had in my catalog for years now; Hollow Knight.

The first 30 minutes were enough for me to get addicted to Hollow Knight, how could I not play this game when it came out... probably bought it 3 years ago, and it looked cool but never game myself the chance to play anything else but stupid DOTA. How wrong was I... it's such a magnificent game, at this point I already completed the game at 102%, and I still have 10% more to go to really really finish it.

With that in mind, figured maybe lets try more games?. Stupid me ended up downloading 5 more and they all work beautifully, never before have I felt such joy playing games and the fact that I can do it on the go or anywhere really is so refreshing.

While talking with my brother who loves consoles, he pointed out that you can also play non-Steam games which blew my mind cause deep down this is just a Linux machine running SteamOS right... so one hour later I had Diablo 4 and Diablo 2 Remastered up and running.

The deck is seriously an amazing device, I've become that guy that can play in the sofa or the bed... sometimes maybe even in the bathroom. Suffice to say the Deck is now mine, and it's not going anywhere. Turned out to be an excellent Xmas gift to myself.

So TLDR - The Steam Deck is awesome and revitalized the gamer in me. Also turned me into a monster that is addicted to metroidvania games.

Hades is such a good game too!. 😉

See ya!